Melissa Wardrop, RN

ThermoUtah, Utah’s first Thermometry center, knows you are in good hands with Melissa. Melissa brings compassion and sensitivity to our clients. You will also find Melissa assisting clients in the IV Nutritional Drip Room. Melissa is a Registered Nurse. She was born and raised in Pennsylvania and moved to our great state of Utah to further her education. She graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Nursing with a minor in nutrition.

Melissa worked for 10 years as a nurse in the newborn ICU at University of Utah hospital.
Through her own searching into health and wellness, she became passionate about a holistic approach to wellness and has often found answers and relief in her own personal journey through a holistic approach.

Melissa is a wonderful educator and is highly sensitive to the needs of others. She adores her family and is dedicated to homeschooling her two children. Following her husband’s passion, she and the kids love the outdoors, especially collecting bugs.