Dave Woolston, CBP

David Woolston has a B.A. from the University of Utah in Recreation Management. His 25 years of helping businesses meet customer expectations includes establishing the Utah Customer Service Association and has served as President and Vice President of this organization respectively.

In 1997 Dave completed his education and was certified in the field of Bionetics. Bionetic Practitioners utilize bio-communication devices to measure the energetic fields of the body to assist individuals in making informed wellness choices. Dave’s life-long interest and pursuit of education, fitness, and wellness has culminated in the numerous contributions he had made to the success of Advanced Health Clinic and to his clients health and well-being. In 2002 he co-founded the Institute of Bionetic Health, a post-secondary school in Utah that taught complimentary health education to physicians, chiropractors, naturopaths and future health professionals. Dave is passionate about helping his clients enjoy an optimal quality of life.

“Bionetic Practitioners are unlicensed professionals in the Stale of Utah and do not in any way diagnose or treat disease. ANY information provided made by a Bionetic Practitioner is NOT, in any way to be construed. represented, or taken as ‘prescriptive’ or ‘medicinal'”. BioCommunication devices are not a medical device nor do they provide any diagnostic information. As a Bionetic practitioner, Dave does not diagnose disease nor prescribe treatments or supplements. Dave recommends you consult and follow your physician’s advice for all medical conditions and to see your physician for your annual check-up.