Amber Feigleson, Certified Foot Zone Therapist

“Wonder is the beginning of Wisdom.” — Socrates

Amber’s passion is the Spirit-Mind-Emotion-Body Connection and how each operates within an individual. Amber has spent many years searching for patterns and answers to questions surrounding the healing of each entity. While pursuing a degree in English Literature at Brigham Young University/ while in her nursing prerequisites she couldn’t stop as her love of Science and Biology grew. Amber fell in love with the Human Body in an Anatomy program and worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Y. Amber has developed a passion for health and has a flare for creating healthy, balanced recipes, preparing and delicious, healthy meals and treats. After receiving a BA from Brigham Young University, Amber’s passion for health led her to the art of Foot Zoning. She certified as a Foot Zone Practitioner through Wellness Life Zone using this art in others journey’s to health. Amber has grown to love all that can be discovered on the feet and she enjoys sharing she has learned.