LifeStyle Education Appointment

Your LifeStyle Education appointment is designed to help you:

Set Wellness Goals: First, your LifeStyle Educator (LE) will help you identify 3 areas of focus for consideration on your wellness journey. Setting goals gives you direction and clarity. Setting goals provides inspiration to aim for things we didn’t know were possible.

Save Money. Who doesn’t want to do that? Have you ever wondered if you should be taking nutritional supplements? The answer is yes! Supplements help fill the nutritional gaps found in our modern day foods and diets. Nutritional supplements, combined with a healthy diet, are the best way to ensure you are meeting your nutritional needs. Your healthcare practitioner may even make a recommendation for nutritional supplements as part of a therapeutic treatment plan.

But what about daily self-care? If nutritional supplements are beneficial, how do you know where to begin? Have you ever felt the overwhelming task of figuring out what to do once you walk into a Health and Nutrition store? Does one size really fit all when it comes to nutritional support? Of course not! There are many good nutritional supplements but you probably don’t need them all. This is where a BioCommunication scan can help.

As part of your LifeStyle Education appointment, you will learn how to use self-directed BioCommunication technology. BioCommunication technology is referred to as wellness decision support technology. Wellness decision support technology takes the guesswork out of choosing supplements as well as clinic services. Reports from your scan provide you with information that may help you promote your wellness goals as well as being a better consumer.  

Your investment in nutritional  supplements and services are more likely to pay off, providing you the benefits you need and saving money on things that might not be as beneficial.

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How a BioCommunication Scan Works


Supplements are available for purchase through Health and Nutrition, located inside the clinic. Health & Nutrition is committed to providing you the best of the best when it comes to natural supplements, like vitamins, minerals, herbs, and essential oils.

NOTE: BioCommunication scans do not provide diagnostic or other healthcare-related information, but instead focus on wellness support. LifeStyle Educators are Non-Licensed Certified LifeStyle educators who educate you in wellness promotion options. LifeStyle Educators do not prescribe or diagnose disease. If you need medical assistance, please contact your Healthcare Practitioner. Your Lifestyle Educator is trained to work with your medical provider and can be a great resource.